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Oleo Hispanica is a family business, established in Toledo and set up with the intention of offering high quality olive oil to the health food market. From the 18th century our family has been involved in the production of olive oil in the foothills of Toledo,

A profound knowledge of olive oil and its elaboration has led us to confide in our careful selection and marketing of a range of “gourmet oils” of the most extraordinary (organoleptic) quality,

We are proud to offer our select range of oils worldwide as we feel a passion for our product,

Our business has its headquarters in Toledo and is situated in the village of Navahermosa set in the heart of the foothill.

Who am I

A good question, I suppose I am the lucky English Man who is able to live and work in Spain, with a passion for all that is Spanish.olive oil on bread

Although Oleo Hispanica isn´t my company the company is owned by my wifes cousin, which is why I am involved as the only English Man to be able to help them spread the good word of Spanish Olive Oil, while hopefully selling a few bottles of Olive Oil for them to the English speaking world.

One of the strange customs of the Spanish is to drizzle the oil onto bread, 20 years later I finally have tried and surprisingly it was fine, in fact fantastic and with a touch of salt beats butter!