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Supremum is a high quality oil (extra virgin olive oil) obtained using traditional methods of extraction which involves a mechanical process under special technical conditions (cold press) which allows our product to retain unaltered its flavour, aroma and vitamins,

We produce an extra virgin oil using two of the most prestigious varieties of olives in Spain. Arbequina (a round fruit from Catalonia, Aragon and Huelva) and a Cornicabra (a slightly round asymetrical fruit and the second most harvested in Spain coming largely from Toledo and Ciudad Real),

As the quality of olive oil is not consistent, each year we have to make a careful selection of the best quality olive oils, combining the fruity flavour of the Arbequina with the robust body of the Cornicabra. In this way we are able to achieve an oil that offers a delicate fruity flavour with a sweet almond touch but also with a slight bitter hint making it perfect for breakfast, salads, dressings and haute cuisine. It is also delicious drizzled over vegetables and bread and can be considered a health alternative to butter,

Supremum will even surprise people that are not accustomed to olive oil. Making them enjoy the experience due to its exceptional character and appearance, fragrance and delicate flavour,It is manufactured in dark designer bottles (25 and 50cl) to protect it from the natural light and is preserved in an inert atmosphere to guarantee the physical-chemical properties of the oil.