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What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?


Extra virgin olive oil is made with the juice of the olive, which has been separated from the remaining components of the fruit, The extraction is carried out using only mechanical processes obviating the need to use any chemical elements, The Arabic origin of the word “aceite” (oil) az-zeit indicates its character as a natural fruit juice, given that its literal meaning is “olive juice”

The oil is obtained simply through applying pressure, which makes it the only vegetable oil that can be consumed directly without cooking and therefore conserves all its excellent properties,

Olive oil forms an indispensable part of the world famous Mediterranean diet and constitutes a remarkable source of health for our body,

The extra virgin olive oils acidity level is always below 1 (0.8) grade,

In recent decades extra virgin olive oil has gained recognition as health food product, owing fundamentally to its high mono-saturated fatty acids content (oleic acidity) and its anti-oxidant properties (vitamin E, K, and phenolic compounds), Consuming olive oil reduces the production of LDL cholesterol which is damaging to our bodies whilst increases the levels of HDL cholesterol which is beneficial to our health and is considered to be a “carbo health” food by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) of the United States of America